Connecting the Lines


Biometric Personality Test

Biometrics is the science of measuring physical and behavioural characteristics that are unique to each individual

Why Fingerprints?

Fingerprints are set permanently in the 16th week of pregnancy and are independent from race, gender and hereditary factors

How to take Fingerprints?

Learn how to take your Fingerprints in 3 Methods

Team & Consultants

MYMARQ cooperates and exchanges regularly experiences and knowledge with a series of Certified MYMARQ Consultants



Foster self-acceptance and self-development


Discover and favour the innate character traits of partners


Learn to appreciate the inborn character and qualities of children


Facilitate recruitment, efficiency, motivation and increase job satisfaction


Increase efficiency through appropriate job allocation and tasks


10% of all MYMARQ proceeds are donated to the MYMARQ non profit association to help children

Personal Coaching

The network of the Certified MYMARQ Consultants offers Personality Tests for Individuals, Couples and Parents

Corporate Consulting

MYMARQ Personality Test is an unbiased tool in the realm of recruitment, motivation and relationship management

Educational Courses

MYMARQ provides Courses to facilitate a deep understanding of the Test, learning about the application for yourself and others


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Sunniva B Pratteln – Switzerland

“The MYMARQ© personality test helps me as a teacher to detect the strengths and challenges of the children…” More  

Marco B Lugano, Switzerland

"Thanks to MPT, I did not only discover new potential and personal qualities, but the test also..." More

Eleonora DC Caslano – Switzerland

“Thanks to MYMARQ’s personality test, my feelings of guilt and anger have vanished. I no longer…” More 

Valérie R Ottenbach - Zürich

Thanks to MPT, our 13-year-old daughter, Mervé, managed to overcome the burden of feeling …” More 


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Via A. Baroffio 1, CH-6900 Lugano

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