Corporate & Institution Consulting

Certified MYMARQ Consultants offer tailor made Services in the realm of Human Resources such as Recruiting Process, Career Planning, Change Management, Leadership Criteria, Efficiency Premises, Team Building, Motivation and Relationship Skills.

The Consultants assess your specific needs and requirements, introducing the MYMARQ Personality Test (MPT) as a simple, unbiased, efficient and thorough tool for the specific tasks to be approached and resolved. The discovery and knowledge of the inborn positive and critical Character Traits as well as the Potential and Challenges are key for the comprehension, acceptance and use of the individual and specific values of each employee.

Core of the MPT  is to enable the Management and HR departments to discover and appreciate the advantage of this unique instrument in order to achieve a higher job satisfaction and corporate spirit on the one hand as well as efficiency and profitability on the other.

Contact us to plan a meeting in order to architect the necessary actions in accordance with your specific needs.

Location, duration and fees of the Service to be agreed. 

10% of all MYMARQ proceeds are donated to the mymarq non profit association to help children