Not excluding Friends and Relatives


→ Discovering and accepting their innate Character, Potential and Challenges

  • Understanding that every person has its own innate character
  • Accepting that the basic character attributes will be the same throughout the entire life
  • Enjoying the specific individual positive traits as well as the potential and talents
  • Improving and extending the choice of hobbies and professional orientation
  • Enhancing and developing relationship and communication capabilities

→ Gaining knowledge to avoid miscommunication, isolation and conflicts to be in harmony with your partner, friends and relatives

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Sunniva B, Pratteln Baselland

"The MYMARQ© personality test has improved the relationship with my partner, making me aware of certain of his strengths I did not know and which I can appreciate now. I can also cope better with his challenges and do not take it personally."

"Der MYMARQ© Persönlichkeitstest hat die Beziehung zu meinem Partner verbessert, weil er mir neu gewisse Stärken bewusst gemacht hat, dich ich jetzt zu schätzen weiss. Auch mit seinen Schwächen kann ich besser umgehen, weil ich es nicht mehr persönlich nehme."

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