What information does the Mymarq Biometric Personality Test reveal?

The biometric test “mymarq” allows to detect data on the specific Character, the Challenges and the Potentials of each individual.

Why the fingerprints?

The fingerprints offer a key to accessing the subconscious part of our brain. They are permanently fixed before the sixth month of pregnancy. They are individual, independent of the DNA, gender and remain unchanged throughout life.

Does the test make any type of predictions? Is there any esoteric or even metaphysical context?

No, it does not make any type of predictions and there is not any metaphysical aftertaste, It is based on the same classification system as the scientific police applies since more than 100 years. The basic patterns are: Whorl, Loop, Composite, Tented Arch and Arch. One of the first persons who systematically used fingerprint biometric data to extract information other than police information was Richard Unger, who over 50 years ago started with the development of his method, analysing more than 50,000 pairs of hands or 500,000 fingerprints.

Why did Marianne Volonté, as a lawyer, develop the MBPT?

She has always been interested in human behaviour and in particular the subconscious part which make us behave a way which may hurt ourselves or others. She followed a lot of courses and methods of applied psychology during her career as a lawyer. After several years of practice and empirical experience on over 60,000 fingerprints, she decided to devote herself entirely to research, based on psychological evidence and experience. The outcome was the born of Mymarq Biometric Personality Test.

Why is the company called Handpower?

At the beginning of my studies of the fingerprints, Marianne followed palmistry courses about the information of the whole hand, not only the fingerprints. That’s why she called the company Handpower. The hand lines and marks change during life time and therefore they are the mirror of the conscious part of our brain. In 2017 when I decided with my partner, Rami Saddi, to entirely concentrate on the fingerprints as access to the subconscious part of the brain Handpower registered the brand “mymarq”. Handpower is a member of the EAB (European Association for Biometrics) and formally works with scientific and forensic experts in the identification and classification of fingerprints.

How does mymarq team comply with the legislation concerning the protection of sensitive data such as fingerprints?

The goal of the MBPT is to help people to better understand themselves and others. We are not interested in creating a collection of fingerprint archive. However we are fully aware and respect that the fingerprints are part of the biometric data protected by the right on the personality and privacy. Our commitment is to respect the ethical and professional terms and conditions and if the person is sceptical, we are happy to formalise this respect with the signature of an NDA (non-disclosure-agreement) which guarantees the maximum discretion and anonymity of the collected data.

How much time does it take the HR department to do the test?

The test is fast and repeatable, based on two equations: one for the character and the other for the potential and challenges. No need to meet the candidate and the basic results are available in 15 minutes.

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