Fingerprint Scanner Method

  1. Install The Fingerprint Scanner's Software and follow the Instructions to start using it.
    • You may purchase the scanner from MYMARQ website, please fell free to contact MYMARQ team at info@mymarq for any technical assistance.
  2. Place the fingertip on the screen of the scanner and start visualising and saving the images on your desktop.
    • Start from the Right Thumb to the Right Little Finger and continue with the Left Thumb to the Left Little Finger.
    • It is extremely important to label each fingerprint with the number 1 to 10 such as: Right Thumb (1), Right Index (2), Right Middle (3), Right Ring (4), Right Little (5), Left Thumb (6), Left Index (7), Left Middle (8), Left Ring (9), Left Little (10).
  3. Send the fingerprints to the Consultant.
    • Compress/zip the file/folder after saving all the fingerprints. Email it to the Consultant or upload the Zip in the booking form when booking the session.
    • In case of the very large size of the folder, please use WeTransfer.