→  Improving the relationship capacity and quality of life by fostering self-acceptance and self-development

  • Gaining insight about the origin and reason of individual inborn behaviour patterns
  • Identifying, understanding and accepting fears and doubts
  • Recognising and dealing with our subconscious patterns of behaviour
  • Discovering and developing own potential, talents and capacities
  • Identifying, distinguishing and managing specific challenges and shortcomings
  • Understanding and improving social skills
  • Refining and developing relationship and communication capabilities

→  Learning to overcome loneliness, frustration and doubts by building a balanced self-esteem

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Marco B Lugano, Switzerland

"Thanks to MYMARQ Personality Test, I did not only discover new potential and personal qualities, but the test also highlighted my critical character traits. Being aware of the latter, enabled me to manage them better and favour my self-development, which improved the communication and relationships with the persons next to me."

"Grazie al MYMARQ Personality Test, ho scoperto non solo nuove potenzialità e qualità personali, poiché il test ha evidenziato anche i miei tratti caratteriali critici. Essere consapevole di questi ultimi mi ha permesso di gestirli meglio e di evolvermi, migliorando la comunicazione e le relazioni con le persone accanto a me."