Lipstick & Ink-pad Method

  1. Apply the lipstick (dry lipstick not shiny) slightly on each fingertip or place it softly on the ink-pad.
    • Do not to wash your hands before the procedure, unless really dirty and do not apply too much lipstick or ink.
  2. Place the fingertip inside the corresponding box of each finger, using the Fingerprint Card Draw your own card if you do not have a printer.
    • It is important that the finger is positioned flat and softly on the paper and do not roll the finger from one side to the other. Make sure that you see the whole fingertip with the individual lines of the patterns.
    • Press gently to avoid creating a smudgy or blurry print. Use the space above or under the boxes in case the lines and patterns are not clearly visible.
  3. Do one fingertip after the other, until you have applied all 10 fingerprints. 
  4. Send the card with the 10 fingerprints to the Consultant.
    • Use your home printer scanner or a phone camera to scan or capture a clear image of the sheet with the fingerprints.
    • Email the scanned card or photo to the Consultant using the email address provided on the profile page, or use the phone number to send it via WhatsApp.