Mymarq Association

Support children and young adults with psychological and / or educational difficulties in Switzerland and abroad

After several years of activity with Handpower, mymarq and developing the Mymarq Biometric Personality Test (MBPT), mymarq team experienced the need to create a treasure for the benefit of children and young adults who need specific help and support to help them grow their potential.

To this end, on 18 October 2018 the mymarq association was established with headquarters in Lugano. The objective of mymarq association is support children and young adults with psychological and / or educational difficulties in Switzerland and abroad.

Barbara Bienek, mymarq association chairman and founder. Born and raised in the Canton Graubünden, Switzerland. She has been working in the realm of insurance and retirement schemes and regulations since her early age. Since 2007, she is managing director of Liberty Schwyz and head of the administrative and regulatory departments. She is also member of various Board of Directors such as SVZ, Sparkasse Schwyz and Kiwani.

Marianne Volonté, mymarq association founder. After a law degree at the University of Zurich, she worked as a lawyer in the financial sector for over 30 years, while running her own firm. Experienced in group dynamics, traditional and alternative psychology. She is the founder of HandPower and mymarq Switzerland. She has developed a new perspective on the early detection of the origin and cause of subconscious behavioural patterns and established the Mymarq Biometric Personality Test, which exploits the information given in the fingerprints.

Alessandro Sparla, mymarq association founder. Bachelor in Law, PHD in Padova. After the bar exam in 1978 he worked as a lawyer before entering into the banking and financial sector in Venice, Milan, Rome and Luxembourg. He started from scratch in Lugano Switzerland a banking institution, and managed it as CEO for many years. He is vice-chairman of the Swiss-Italian Chamber of Commerce, representative for the Canton Ticino.