Not excluding Schools, Hospitals, Public administration...etc

→ Increasing efficiency and job satisfaction through appropriate allocation and tasks

  • Distinguishing people’s unique predispositions and challenges
  • Supporting clients’ potential and tackle institutional challenges
  • Defining and applying more efficient recruitment processes
  • Fostering more appropriate education planning and career choices
  • Stimulating hidden potential such as leadership and team qualities
  • Boost understanding, interaction and communication of work teams
  • Facilitating role assessment by establishing functional competence and leadership pattern
  • → Gaining the ability to elude incompetence, mobbing and resignation to let cooperation prosper
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Sunniva B, Pratteln Baselland

"The mymarq© personality test helps me as a teacher to detect the specific strengths and challenges of the children and to boost their self-esteem by enhancing their individual potential."

"Der mymarq© Persönlichkeitstest hilft mir bei meiner Arbeit als Pädagogin die spezifischen Stärken und Schwächen der Kinder zu erkennen und ihr Selbstvertrauen durch gezielte Förderung ihrer Potenziale zu stärken."