Not excluding Caregivers, Coaches, Teachers, Therapists, Psychologists...etc


→ Developing and appreciating the inborn character and qualities of children

  • Knowing and being aware that fingerprints are independent of the DNA
  • Understanding that every child has its own specific innate character
  • Exploiting the individual Character traits, Potential and Challenges
  • Accepting that the basic character remains unchanged throughout lifetime
  • Learning that children can and want to take responsibility for the consequences of their behviour
  • Helping to foster the Potential and learn to manage the Challenges

→ Mastering the art of acceptance and true care by preventing labelling and projection

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Valérie R Ottenbach - Zürich

"It was and still is wonderful to have met Marianne and Rami. Thanks to Mymarq® Biometric Personality Test (MBPT), our 13-year-old daughter, Mervé, managed to overcome the burden of feeling totally blocked in school. Neither Mervé nor us as parents were able to understand the causes, as she always enjoyed going to school, yet something prevented her from believing in herself and her abilities. The MBPT revealed that Mervé had TOO HIGH EXPECTATIONS on herself and on others. Such high expectations made it impossible for Mervé to reach her school grades’ goal, which in turn led to frustration and poorer results.

Already 2-3 months after the MBPT, Mervé had an entirely different attitude towards herself, which lead to higher self-esteem and self-confidence. Another remarkable outcome was a massive reduction in her expectations which brought along a huge release of pressure for her.

Ever since then, her potential increased exponentially, she is motivated, courageous and committed which reflects also on her school results!”


"Es war und ist nach wie vor wunderschön Marianne und Rami begegnet zu sein. Dank dem Mymarq Biometric Personality Test (MBPT) konnte unsere damals 13-jährigen Tochter Mervè eine grosse Bürde genommen werden, da sie in der Schule eine Blockade verspürte, welche weder Mervé noch wir als Eltern zu deuten vermochten, da sie grundsätzlich sehr gerne zur Schule ging. Etwas hinderte sie, an sich und ihre Fähigkeiten zu glauben. Der MBPT ergab, dass Mervé VIEL ZU HOHE Ansprüche an sich selbst und ihre Mitmenschen setzte. Eine so hoch angesetzte "Messlatte“ verunmöglichte es grundsätzlich, dass Mervé ihre (Noten)Ziele erreichte, was Frust und schlechte Resultate auslöste.

Bereits 2-3 Monate nach dem MBPT hatte Mervé eine ganz andere Haltung zu sich und ihrem Selbstwert, sie gewann an Selbstvertrauen, setzte ihre Ansprüche massiv runter, was zur Folge hatte, dass sie sich weniger unter Druck setzte.

Von diesem Zeitpunkt an hat sich ihr Potenzial exponentiell entfacht. Sie ist toll motiviert, couragiert und engagiert – was sich auch auf ihre Schulnoten positiv auswirkt!“

"Thanks to mymarq's personality test, my feelings of guilt and anger have vanished; I no longer want to change my children and my husband, but I can accept their diversity and appreciate the positive aspects of their character.

"Grazie al test sulla personalità di mymarq i miei sensi di colpa e la rabbia sono svaniti; non voglio più cambiare i miei figli e mio marito, ma sono in grado di accettare la loro diversità ed apprezzare gli aspetti positivi del loro carattere.ww" 

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