Personal Coaching

The network of the Certified MYMARQ Consultants (CMCs) offers Personality Test for Individuals, Couples and Families.

The test covers analysis of positive and critical character traits, development and realisation of personal talents and skills, the emotional emancipation of children, teenagers and adults in the context of family, education and career. Additional topics includes adequate choice of profession, career and partners.

1hour online session (recommended for individuals): CHF 150

2hours online session (recommended for couples & families): CHF 250

Please use the booking system hereunder only for Online Coaching. If you wish to book a Face to Face Coaching, please contact the CMC directly via an email or by phoning to arrange a meeting. Fees to be agreed depending on the duration and location.

10% of all MYMARQ proceeds are donated to the MYMARQ non profit association to help children