Phone Camera Method

  1. Use the phone camera to capture the images of the fingerprints.
    • Make sure that there is sufficient light on the fingertip. Dark background helps to capture clearer images of the fingerprints.
  2. Place the finger as straight as possible and seen from the front, trying to zoom in and out in order to capture the most accurate images, showing the lines and patterns of the fingerprint.
    • We recommend starting with the Right Thumb up to the Right Little Finger and continue with the Left Thumb up to the Left Little Finger.
    • It is extremely important to label each of the fingerprint image with the name of the finger or number of the finger when saving them: Right Thumb (1), Right Index (2), Right Middle (3), Right Ring (4), Right Little (5), Left Thumb (6), Left Index (7), Left Middle (8), Left Ring (9), Left Little (10).
  3. Sending the fingerprints to the Consultant.
    • Zip the folder after saving all the fingerprints and email it to the Consultant or upload the Zip in the subscription form when booking the session.
    • In case of a very large volume of the folder, please use WeTransfer.